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SFXzone was started in the summer of 2021 with a desire to disseminate knowledge and create a social platform within special effects make-up, prosthetics, theater make-up, cosplay and prop construction. But also in other disciplines such as costume design, atmosphere effects, stage lighting, halloween decorations, themed entertainment design and also haunted houses.

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Sander Skarås Pedersen

Sander Skarås Pedersen is a norwegian Makeup FX artist, actor, set designer, prop maker and lighting designer. He has worked with over a hundred small and large theater productions, short films, concerts and many other types of events. Among other things, he has worked as a scareactor and makeup FX supervisor during the halloween event “Spøkelsesnatt”(Ghostnight) for the amusement park Kongeparken. He has also worked for Norway’s scariest escape room: Haunted Saloon.

Sander also runs an online store where Norwegian customers can buy professional theater make-up, face paint and SFX make-up. From well-known brands such as Ben Nye, Tinsley Tranfers and Grimas makeup.

In addition to online shop and being a freelancer, Sander also runs the website Halloweensminke.no which is a norwegian website with tips and tricks for halloween makeup.

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