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NEW BOOK – Bloody Brilliant – Learn how to create Blood Effects for Live Performance

The new book Bloody Brilliant: How to Develop, Execute, and Clean Up Blood Effects for Live Performance by Jennifer McClure gives you tricks on how you can develop and create blood effects for live performance and theatre.

The book is filled with easy-to-follow descriptions and are great for beginners and for people with experience. The book is a great gift to makeup effects artists, prop makers and SFX-technicians.

The book is written by Jennifer McClure, she is the Properties Supervisor for the Yale Repertory Theatre and a lecturer for the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale.

Some highlights include;

  • Practical examples budgets for blood effects
  • A breakdown of the components for making an original blood recipe, as well as reliable, industry-tested recipes.
  • Options for dispensing blood to create different realistic effects for any budget size.
  • A comprehensive wash-testing database of over 500 examples of fabrics and blood combinations!

“With all the blood in Shakespeare in the Park or Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson I wish I had this book as a guide to help me navigate some difficult situations. Jen has included some very insightful guidance and great techniques on ago-old problems so they don’t become bloody messes. I suggest every props and special effects and educator have this on their shelf”

Jay DuckworthAdjunct Professor at Pace University, Props Designer, and Founder of Props Summit

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