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SFX Makeup – Scar Wax – Tips and tricks

Scar wax is often used to create different effects. For those who have not heard of Scar wax, it is a type of wax that is used on the skin to create artificial wounds and injuries or other effects. Scar wax often has several different names, some manufacturers call it Derma Wax, Nose and Scar Wax, Effect Wax, Modeling Putty, Modeling Wax, or just FX wax.

If you have not worked with Scar Wax before, it can be difficult to know how to use it. That is why I have created this page with tips on how you can work with scar wax to achieve good results. The tips are also excellent for halloween makeup.

💀 Wound wax can be used to create and shape wounds, injuries, bullet holes, gunshot wounds, cuts, warts, vampire bites, broken bones and much more!

VIDEO: SPFX.NO – Grimas Makeup – Scar Wax Tutorial

💀 When shaping a wound with scar wax, it is important not to build the design too high, as one must make wounds and injuries so that the wound itself does not stick out too much on the skin and look fake. The aim is to create the effect that no wound wax has not been used at all to apply artificial skin.

💀 When applying make-up to wounds and injuries, you must try to achieve a good and fluid transition from real skin to the wax that is not too steep.

💀 It is recommended to use a spatula when working with the shaping of wound wax. The spatula must not be sharp as you would not injure yourself in real life. The Dermavox spatula from Grimas is calculated as a standard in the industry. It has a pointed end for details and a slightly larger flat end for digging out wax from the container. Mehron also offer a metal spatula that are recommended.

💀 If the wax is difficult to cut into with the spatula, it is recommended to smear a little vaseline on the spatula so the spatula slides through the wax more easily.

💀 Scar wax works best when creating effects on places on the face or body that have slightly hard areas or where there are bones under the real skin to make it easier to work with the wax.

💀 Best to use scar wax in places where there is not much movement in the skin. For example, around the mouth can quickly become a bit difficult because the skin around it is in a lot of movement and the make-up therefore does not hold as well.

💀 You can color most types of scar wax with a little cream make-up before applying the wax to the skin, so you spend a little less time applying skin colored make-up afterwards. (See example video below. Scar Wax from Grimas Makeup is used there)

VIDEO: SPFX.NO – Grimas Makeup – How to pigment Scar wax with cream make-up

💀 When using some types of scar wax is it recommended to use skin adhesive on the skin before applying the wax.

💀 You can use a stipple sponge to create texture of skin on top of the wax.

💀 Some types of wax such as Derma Wax from Grimas are transparent and it is not necessary to apply make-up over the wax. Other types of wound wax must occasionally be covered with make-up. If you want to go for the easy method, you can apply blood all over the wax, but note that too much blood can quickly give an artificial result.

💀 It is recommended to use professional wound wax. Wax from Mehron, Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax, Grimas Derma wax, Grimas Scar Wax and Snazarroo FX-wax are some types that are recommended.

💀 When working with some types of scar wax, it is recommended to dip your fingers in water while working. This applies, for example, to Derma wax from Grimas.

💀 If you are going to use scar wax in combination with face paint, water make-up or other make-up, the wax should be attached to clean skin first, then you can color over the wax afterwards.

💀 You can dip your fingers or the spatula in Vaseline or, for example, Grimas Under makeup base to smooth out the wax more easily.

💀 You can seal creations in wound wax with liquid latex or castor sealor so that they last longer. NB: If vaseline has been used when working with wax, the latex may not want to dry because a chemical reaction.

💀 You can use wax to create the effect of rotten skin to for example zombie makeup. The teqnicue are described in the The Monstrous Make-Up Manual manual by Mike Spatola. You can find more info about the book and other books about SFX makeup here:

💀 To build up more durable effects on the skin, it is recommended to use gelatin, silicone or liquid latex instead of wax. Prosthetics can also be used.

How to remove scar wax?

  1. If you have used stage blood on the wax, first wipe off as much blood as possible with paper. Afterwards, rinse off with soap and water.
  2. Scrape off the wax with a wax spatula that are not sharp.
  3. Remains of wax can be removed with make-up remover.

Fun fact about Scar Wax
Wax was used in the past to fill in injuries on deceased people so that they looked good for the funeral.

Recommended types of Scar Wax
Professional Scar Wax. My go to is Ben Nye and Mehron.

Recommended wax for face paint and children
Geat wax for beginners and for face painting.

Recommended tools, accessories and spatulas
Mehron has my favorite wax spatula!

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